Comms and Marketing Lead

at FutureGov

London • 3w ago

FutureGov is seeking a Communications and Marketing Lead to help us on our mission to create better public services. We believe citizens deserve access to user-centred products and services, delivered by digitally-enabled modern organisations. Our team is dedicated and passionate about public services designed around the people that use them.

We are proud of work we do at FutureGov but not yet good enough at telling the amazing stories of the people we work with. We need you to help us communicate regularly with about work so that together we build a movement for change in local public services. You’ll be responsible for making sure the great work we do has maximum impact across government and beyond, to show what radically different public services really look like.

You’ll oversee FutureGov communications, marketing and events for the organisation. As well as planning messages and materials for campaigns, enabling we are positioned as the leading digital design company for public services. As the lead for our communications channels, you’ll make sure that the stories and content we put out to the world are authentic, interesting, and a damn good read.

We need a multi-tasking, prose-writing, social-media natural person with great ideas on how to get the word out about everything FutureGov is up to. Promoting our products, services and ideas to help maximise our impact with the community. It will be up to you to ensure we are talking about the things that matter to us in a way that is true to the FutureGov brand. Putting FutureGov in a place that attracts the interest of all those like-minded people who can support us in transforming public services.

Now is the time for radical change in government. For new delivery models but equally new ways of designing our public services, fit for the future not held back by the past.

Sound like a challenge you can help us with? What are you waiting for, get in touch!

What is the job?

Reporting to our Client Engagement Lead, you will:

  • Work closely with our management team to understand and provide brilliant communications support for all areas of the company
  • Create stories and content that enhance our reputation and assist the business development process
  • Plan, coordinate and provide content and materials for events that we put on ourselves or those that we attend
  • Manage relationships with journalists and press contacts from mainstream media and local government media
  • Manage our communications channels including Medium, Twitter and Instagram
  • Coordinate content for blogs and provide support for the team through writing and editing
  • Occasionally coordinate communications and events interns

What you will bring to FutureGov

  • Experience of content and communications design
  • An approach to comms and marketing that feels human
  • Passion for making Government more human-centred
  • An understanding of the complexity of Government
  • An empathetic management style, with the ability to inspire and support your team to deliver brilliant work
  • A storytelling approach. You can communicate complex ideas simply, whether you’re talking, visualising or writing
  • A curious, learning mindset. You default to working in the open, and actively seek feedback so you can improve your work (or working behaviours)

You might have:

  • Worked in or with organisations that work with the public sector
  • Worked for a digital start up