Press and Communications Officer

at Green Party

London • 1w ago

Jan 29, 2018

The Green Party is recruiting a Press and Communications Officer (PCO). The PCO role will play a vital role in communicating the Green Party’s policies to the media, the public and Green Party members.

Britain urgently needs the kind of fundamental social, economic, environmental and political change that only the Green Party can offer, to tackle growing inequality and the lack of progress on a range of threats to our communities from a rampant Conservative government buoyed by the prospect of Brexit. Effective communications is key in conveying what we stand for, with a view to building understanding, winning votes and attracting new members and supporters.

The Green Party has the best ideas, inspirational leadership and some exceptionally talented spokespeople. Yet we are often crowded out of the critical mainstream political media debates in our binary political system and blinkered media agenda, with the effect that most of the public do not hear from us often enough and do not understand the breadth and relevance of a Green vision for Britain.