Production Editor, BBC Sky at Night Magazine

at Immediate Media

Bristol • 1w ago

Dec 20, 2017

BBC Sky at Night Magazine is the UK’s leading astronomy magazine. Aimed at readers with a passion for the night sky, practical astronomy and space science, it’s where stargazers come to share in the wonder of space and their love of looking up. It delivers exciting, interesting content in an authoritative and entertaining manner. It’s the number one source of advice on telescopes, mounts and astrophotography equipment and aims to further every reader’s experience the next time they go out under starry skies.

The Production Editor role will see the successful candidate working across print and digital, with a responsibility for the editorial production of the magazine to the highest standards and to deadline, ensuring a consistent editorial tone and accuracy. They will also be expected to contribute to the brand’s presence online and on social media and generate and develop exciting content ideas.


Page production. Processing every page ready for publication. This includes:

  • Collating and chasing copy and illustrative material from external and internal sources.
  • Editing raw copy to maintain the editorial style and tone.
  • Subediting copy on page to fit page layouts.
  • Writing inventive headlines, introductions & captions.
  • Proofreading every page.
  • Maintaining a comprehensive house style and advising on points of style.
  • Overseeing the progress of pages from raw copy to completed layouts.
    Running regular production meetings to ensure a smooth flow of pages through the production cycle.
  • Liaising with internal departments (eg subscriptions, circulation).

Commissioning and writing

  • Rewriting or writing short pieces from scratch, eg news sections, introductions or where contributor copy proves unsuitable.
  • Planning and commissioning regular pages.
  • Generating ideas and sourcing writers to contribute to team planning meetings, (eg news section, features, where appropriate).
  • Producing some marketing items, where a stronger ‘selling’ tone is called for (eg subscription pages, inserts).

Digital, online and social media

  • Liaising with other departments, freelance and the art editor to produce the monthly digital editions.
  • Proofing and amending digital editions.
  • Using content management systems to produce newsletters.
  • Writing content for the website (eg blogs, news stories).
  • Participating in podcasts.
  • Contributing to and helping manage social media accounts.


Essential competencies 

  • Excellent command of written English, including the ability to adapt tone to magazine style
  • Keen eye for detail and killer accuracy
  • Top class editing skills
  • Journalism qualification, or equivalent experience
  • Excellent InDesign skills
  • Experience as a production editor
  • Good communication and management skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Word, Excel and general Mac skills
  • Good understanding of and interest in astronomy and space science
  • Thorough understanding of magazine craft
  • Excellent organisational abilities
  • Ideas – creative and original

Preferred competencies 

  • Good knowledge of practical astronomy
  • Experience of working online (eg blog writing, newsletter production, basic SEO)
  • Experience of commissioning features and working with writers
  • Knowledge of and interest in social media